Who He Was

I'm just gonna let Gayle Erwin say it all today.  (From his book The Jesus Style.)  (Which I'll
keep reminding you about.)  (Which means I really recommend that you check it out.)  (Read
it for free at
www.servant.org.)  (Okay, enough with the commercial.)  ; )

Jesus was fully God, fully man.  If He was fully man, then He was just like me, a man with
the same passions and temptations that I have.  The writer of Hebrews reveals to us that:
"We do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have
one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet was without sin."  Hebrews 4:15

Tempted in every way just as I am?  The Son of God?  ...  James writes that, "Each one is
tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed."  James 1:14

Does this mean that the lust structure of Jesus was like mine?  Apparently so, for that is the
source of temptation, when we are drawn away of our own lusts.  Yet He was without sin.  It
encourages me that though He was just like me, He was able to perfectly obey His Father and
now imparts that ability as well as His sinlessness to me.  Fully human—sweating, smelling,
bathing, eliminating.  Fully human, fully God.

This frees me to be humble, to own my own humanity, to not try to hide it in the presence of
friends, not try to put on a mask of spirituality if it is not there, to learn to be honest about
myself, to be free to be forgiven, and to forgive.

The burdens of debt, trespasses, and bitterness are all weights that destroy our peace and
our right relationship with others—weights that can only be removed by forgiveness.  
Servanthood knows that bitterness cripples the slave and renders him useless, and
servanthood wants for others the freedom that comes from forgiveness.  ...  Jesus wants me
to teach others how to forgive by forgiving, just as He taught the disciples by saying, "Father,
forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."  (Luke 23:34)

It is as if Jesus, in spite of the horrendous scars and deep wounds we had given Him,
conspired with the Father to get even with us and said, "Let's teach them a lesson.  Let's
forgive them."

God help me to love the sinner in his sin and let him know it!

Forgiveness also has a way of eliminating the distance between people, bringing us close
enough to touch and embrace—actions very much in keeping with servanthood.  Forgiveness
also frees us from being victims, since no one can control our lives if we forgive them.

Good stuff, no?  : )

about Jesus . . . page four
Mark 7:20-23

And Jesus said,
"What comes
out of a man,
that defiles a
man. For from
within, out of the
heart of men,
proceed evil
an evil eye,
All these evil
things come
from within
and defile a man."
Romans 3:23

For all have
sinned and fall
short of the
glory of God.
Acts 4:12

Nor is there
salvation in any
other, for there
is no other name
under heaven
given among
men by which
we must be
Romans 6:23

For the wages of
sin is death, but the
gift of God is
eternal life in Christ
Jesus our Lord.
1 Timothy 2:5

For there is one
God and one
between God
and men, the
Man Christ Jesus,
who gave Himself
a ransom for all.
Romans 5:8

But God
His own love
toward us,
in that while
we were still
sinners, Christ
died for us.
Romans 10:9-10

That if you
confess with
your mouth
the Lord Jesus
and believe in
your heart that
God has raised
Him from the
dead, you will
be saved. For
with the heart
one believes
and with the
is made unto
Hebrews 9:12, 15

Not with the blood
of goats and
calves, but with
His own blood He
entered the Most
Holy Place once
for all.
And for this
reason He is the
Mediator of the
new covenant, by
means of death.

Has it really been since September 8th that we talked about Jesus?  Okay.  Help me out here,
please.  How is it that time seems to be totally flying by lately?  I mean ... ahh, you know
what I mean, and it's the same old story, huh.  Blink and it's the next day.  Get up, and it's
time to go back to bed again.

Ahh ... but that puts us one day closer to seeing ... Him.  Yay!!!!!!!!!  Can you just imagine
what that day will be like?  What it'll be like to gaze into His baby blues?  Or, maybe they're
brown.  Think He has brown eyes?  Yeah, I bet they're brown.

So, until that day arrives, and it'll definitely be more sooner than later, let's talk about Him.  
And you know me.  Sometimes I think talking about Him is the only thing worth talking
about.  Yeah, you know me.  I've said it so many times before here on my wee blog.  
Sometimes, after making my daily rounds through the long list of blogs I peruse, I just wanna
say, "But can we talk about Him?  Do we have to debate the state of the Christian Fiction
Industry again?  Do we have to hear another instructional on how to understand the best-
sellers' lists?  Do we really need more information on how to market and promote our books?"

Listen to me.  I'm whining.

Of course the debate must rage.  Of course we need someone to teach us how to interpret the
best-sellers' lists.  Of course we need to know better ways to market and promote our books!  
(Well, at least I do.)  So why am I whining?

Oh, don't mind me.  I get this way sometimes.  Sometimes I just long for things that really
matter.  You know.  The things that REALLY matter.  All the blogs I read talk about things
that matter.  I guess this is just my way of contributing.  (And I don't really have anything
else important to talk about.)  ; )

Let's face it.  My writing career is going nowhere fast.  Why?  Well, I'm letting it, that's why.  
There ain't no writing career if there ain't nutin' to write about.  (But don't worry.  Book Four is
still in the works, and Z still wants two more stories.  I have no plans of letting them down.)  
My fledgling editing career is starting to take off.  I'm grateful for that.  But how much fun is
it to read the blog of an editor?  (Now, don't get me wrong ... some of my best friends are
editors.)  ; )

Editors are usually too busy to write blogs.  HAH!!!

(Camy's editor has a cool blog.  She must not be worked enough.)

And, now, see?  This blog post is going nowhere fast.  You've heard the line:  Nowhere to go
and all day to get there.  Nothing to do and all day to do it.

Maybe that's the secret of keeping time from blowing by.  Hmm ...

So.  Anyway.  The point of this post.  Tomorrow, yes, Saturday, we'll start again talking about
Jesus.  Here's what we've covered so far about His Nature (what made Him who He was as He
lived and walked this earth).

He was a servant—this is how He saw other people.

He did not lord it over others—this is how He led.

He was an example—this is how He taught.

He was humble—this is how He saw Himself.

He was as a child—this is how He lived.

He was as the younger—this is how He traveled.

He was as the last—this is how He positioned Himself.

He was as the least—this is how He honored others.

He used no force—this is how He treated others.

He was not led by blind ambition—this is how He was driven.

He made for Himself no reputation—this is how He walked among them.

He was fully human—this is who He was.

Tomorrow we'll talk about His obedience—this is how He saw His Father.  And Sunday we'll
finish this list by talking about His death—this shows us how far He was willing to go.

Join me?  Catch up by checking out the About Jesus ... category over there to the left.  Oh,
and if you let me know you're here, I'll check out your blog too.  Truth is, I love perusing my
friends' blogs.  All of you have amazing things to say, and you all say it so well.  I'm blessed
and refreshed and challenged and loved through your words.  Thanks for sharing your worlds
with me!!!  : )

See ya tomorrow.

How He Saw His Father

"I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself;
He can do only what He sees His Father doing, because
whatever the Father does the Son also does.  For the
Father loves the Son and shows Him all He does."  John

By His very nature, Jesus revealed the nature of the
Father.  Our God, Creator of the Cosmos and Father to
those who love Him, was revealed by and through His
Son, Jesus.  This means that God the Father is also a
servant, an example, humble, as a child, as the younger,
as the last, as the least, not into to forcing His will on
us, and is also willing to empty Himself of His
supernatural leanings to step foot into our dusty world.  
Jesus revealed all this about the Father, but only because
He chose to.  Because He chose to be obedient.
Jesus could have said no.  He could have stomped His feet and said, "I'm on My own down
here, Father, and You can't tell Me what to do!"  Pretty much, that was what Adam and Eve
said.  "We choose to believe a lie!  Take that, Father.  We don't need You."

We all know where that got them.

But Jesus willingly chose to be obedient to His call to reveal the Father.  Why?  Because the
Father's nature was exactly what Jesus wanted to reveal.  What better nature to have
percolating in our very beings?  He knew it was in obedience to the Father—in giving His life
away for others—that true joy abounded.  He tried to pass this knowledge on to His disciples—
on to us—in Matthew 16:25:  "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses
his life for Me will find it."

He's not speaking of a literal death here, though, some have chosen to die for others and for
Him.  More so, He's speaking of laying down our lives for others in obedience to the same call
He faced when He walked this earth.  Living and giving our lives for others so they may also
see the Father and choose to believe.

This selfless giving of myself to others.  Ahh, the core of it all, huh?  None of the gifts we are
given by our Lord, be they vocational or spiritual gifts, are meant for our own self-seeking
purposes.  They are meant for building up and equipping our brothers and sisters, and for
drawing others to the Father.  As Gayle Erwin writes in his book
The Jesus Style, page 133,
"Any act not beneficial to others is disobedient and damaging to the body."

He said it, not me.  And he says this, "Our piety has been polluted, with many of our holiness
requirements becoming purely personal and having little to do with how we relate to others."

Obeying the call of His Father; living for, loving, and serving others.  This was, and still is, of
course, our Lord Jesus Christ.

No wonder we love Him!!!  : )

How Far He Was Willing To Go

I'm probably violating all sorts of copyright laws when I do this, but I'm just going to let Gayle
Erwin say it best.  Straight out of his book,
The Jesus Style.  (And even though I am breaking
a few laws here, I'm almost totally fairly sure he wouldn't mind.)  ; )

Under the heading:
Shepherds Don't Run

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."  (John 15:13)  
This is the ultimate test of love.  Am I willing to go that far in giving myself away?  It is
important that we note that Jesus was not coerced into any of this.  Love is always a choice.  
No one is ever forced to love.  To be enslaved is one thing, but to choose to serve—that
constitutes love.  So even the step of death was a loving choice that Jesus made.

[donna here:  See John 10:11-18, where Jesus describes Himself as the Good Shepherd who
lays down His life for His sheep.]

Power for such self-giving can only come from knowing what the Father is like and hearing His
voice.  The important response now is for His sheep to hear His voice, to know what kind of
sounds the Father makes, to hear the call of the servant nature, to understand that obedience
to Him means never to violate others by being self-serving.  Jesus knew that death did not
end it all—it merely began a whole new world.

Since most who read this book live in cultures that offer little threat to our lives because we
are Christians, we, then, must ask ourselves basic questions:  For what am I willing to die?  A
place or places?  A thing or things?  A belief or a set of beliefs?  A person or a people?  Where
do I place myself and say, "Here I stand, so help me God, even if it costs me my life"?  Our
answer to that question ultimately determines the depth of our servanthood.

Vaya-ing con Jesus,
Christ Jesus Personified

Every day in our busy lives we pass people on our way to living, as they go about their own
lives.  We say our hellos and good-byes, give our smiles and waves, and are left with the
fleeting feeling of goodwill and friendship.  Well, most of the time we are.  When we take the
time to look at the people we're passing.  Sometimes even that is hard to do.

Every once in awhile as we go about living, our path crosses with another's, and in that
passing we sense the very essence of Jesus Christ seeping through them.  He reaches us
through them.  We sometimes look back, but how often do we stop what we're doing and race
back to catch up with that one who exudes Him?

On those occasions, I've tried to stop and race back.  Funny thing is, I find myself sneaking
around behind them, following them, listening to them, trying not to be obvious, but hoping
His essense will touch me in a new way through them.

Rarely am I disappointed.
Case in point.  One lady I met last April at the Mount
Hermon Christian Writers Conference.  Susan Meissner (yep,
I find myself following her from time to time) led me down a
forested path to her cabin to introduce me to her roommate,
Susie Larson.  I remember shaking Susie's hand.  I
remember thinking,
This is a moment.  This lady is someone
I need to know.

Why did I think that?  Can't really say—not specifically.  
Except for what I felt flowing through her, reaching me first
by means of the gentle smile in her eyes.  Pure love poured
out of her—not her own, but His.
So, yep, I followed both Susan and Susie around that week, totally basking in ... Him.  
Watching, absorbing, knowing there was no better place for me to be.  Of course, Christian
writers conferences are awesome—talk about being surrounded by ... Him.  Totally.  A bit of
heaven on earth, for sure.

In the year since the conference, I've been still following Susie around, though from a
distance.  She's been a regular contributor to the CAN blog on Thursdays, and writes her own
on Wednesdays.  Today just happens to be Wednesday, so I sauntered over to her blog to
find out what was on her heart.  Imagine that.  She talks about Jesus.  : )

Please go check out what she has to say.  
www.susielarson.com.  This week it's about
listening to Him.  Last week it was about resting in Him.  Next week ... I'm sure it'll be about
knowing Him more.

In my busyness of late, things have been piling up around me, weighing me down more than
ever before.  We've talked about this.  I'm just facing what most of you all face every day.  I
don't like it.  I need that time to sit and sip tea and bask and rest.  Without Him, I dry up
and wither away.  But even in the busyness, reading blogs and keeping track of my writer
friends, He works to soothe and comfort.  I would easily pass up all the writing blogs for a
few more like Susie's.  It's like fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, MEAT.  Quickly eases that hunger in my

Thanks, Susie.  And to all of you who love writing about Him.  Your words sustain me in this
dry time.

Vaya-ing con Dios,
So, That's It

I have one more link for you.  www.utmost.org   Here you'll find the daily devotionals by
Oswald Chambers, taken from his book,
My Utmost for His Highest.  This book is Truth
spoken clearly.  I encourage you to take the time to absorb every word, and allow the Holy
Spirit to open wide the eyes and ears of your heart.  Truth is something you can know
without a doubt.  SomeOne you can grasp.  Jesus Christ our Lord.

So, with that, we've come to the end.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read these
pages.  My sincerest prayer is that these words will bless you beyond measure.  May our Lord
Jesus touch your heart as only He can, overflowing you with His love, His peace, and His
rest.  May He truly be irresistible to you, so much so that you eagerly seek after Him.  Seek
Him, and you will find Him.  Draw close to Him, and He will draw close to you.  It's a
promise, one of His many amazing promises that will stand for all time.

I pray all His best for you.

Vaya con Dios, with love,
The Jesus Style
by Gayle D. Erwin

© 1997 Gayle D. Erwin
Published by
Yahshua Publishing
P.O. Box 219
Cathedral City, CA
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