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July 11th to November 5th, 2006
Can We Talk About Jesus?

Hi everyone! : ) How's your week going so far? Hectic? Enjoyable? Here's hoping you're able to
find some time today to rest in the hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. Take a moment or
two to bask in Truth. To savor Eternity. You know, Eternity begins the moment we open our
hearts to the Truth and allow the Holy Spirit to take over. It's an amazing moment that lasts
forever. He'll never leave us, and His only job is to make Jesus more and more real to us. What
a job, huh? What more important job could there be? And what more could we ask for, than to
have God's very own Spirit, the very essence of His Son, Jesus, firmly planted in our hearts and
minds and lives?

Oops, yeah ... if you're reading this and thinking, "Here she goes again, preaching at us," I
can't say that I blame you. But there is one thing I love to do more than anything else, and
that's talk about Jesus. But not to preach. I hate to preach. So please don't think I'm trying to
... preach. ; )

But hey, this is my blog; and with everyone else talking about everything they're talking about,
you've got lots of options. There's a ton of news about the ChiLibris retreat, ICRS (aka CBA),
and the Christy Awards; plenty of other exciting things happening all over the place; plenty of
people teaching about how to write and market novels with a "Christian Worldview"; plenty of
people telling you about the latest news in the industry; and plenty of other people giving you
their opinions about the last book they read. Sounds like fun, huh? So, by all means, pass this
blog up if it's boring or if you're not interested in what I've got going here. That's perfectly
okey dokey. But I'll still be here. And for the next several posts—well, for however long it
takes, I'll be talking about my Lord. I can only hope that He's your Lord too, and that maybe,
just maybe, you'll stick around because you enjoy talking about Him as much as I do.

This morning I started another run through the book called
The Jesus Style written by Gayle D.
Erwin. (Read this book for free at
www.servant.org.)  Mr. Erwin is the kindest, funniest, coolest
suspender-wearing grandpa preacher there is. He'd rather not go by the handle of "Reverend,"
or even "Pastor." He's simply a teacher. He has learned how to strip away all the traditions,
misconceptions, and combobulations we have put in front of Jesus—all the ways we have
misinterpreted the Word and mainly just gotten it wrong about Him. Gayle has devoted his life
to these two simple things: learning about who Jesus Christ really was (and still is), and
sharing that knowledge. He is my teacher of Biblical things, my preacher, and my friend. We've
met only once, but that one meeting changed my life.

I'd love to share with you over the course of the next few posts what I cherish about what this
man has learned about Jesus Christ. So, in the middle of your busy day and week, if you're up
for a little conversation about Jesus, please join me. And you know me ... I'll keep it simple
and try not to preach. I hate making things difficult, and I especially hate being preached at.
Which is why I love listening to Gayle. Which is also why I love Jesus. He never preached at
anybody. He lived what He taught. He lead by perfect example.

As He leads, may we follow and, in the process, leave hints of the unspeakable joy in the
journey for all to see as we pass by.

Vaya-ing con Dios,
Why talk about Jesus?

I could throw out a few curt answers to that question.  By now, you've probably already had a
few filter through your brain.  So I won't.  Throw any out.

But here's the real reason why.  At least for me.

I've run aground.  I'm done, spent, tired, and a wee bit sick of everything.

But I'm still okay.  Never better, actually.  Things are trucking along quite nicely in my little
world.  I've been hearing from readers, friends, and potential editing clients.  I just had a
super visit with my parents, got to watch one of my favorite nine-year-olds play Little League
baseball, got to spend time with one of my favorite three-and-a-half-year-olds (above-
mentioned nine-year-old's little sister—what a couple of cuties), and shared some quality time
with two of the Godliest people I know.  What an amazing couple of weeks.

But, yes.  Done, spent, tired, and just a wee bit ... sick.

One thing I know for sure: what I have to say matters not one wit in this world.  Oh, I could
try to fit in a bit more.  I could join all the blog rings and tours and offer my insights and
opinions about ... things.  But I don't wanna.  I don't have the time, energy, or gumption.

The last ten years of my life have been about one thing.  And that would be this: simplifying.  
Stripping away all the muck and mire all the years of Churchdom left piled on my foundation
stone.  Throughout the stripping-away process, I've progressed from a sandblaster, to an
industrial-strength broom, to a smaller hand broom, to a Swiffer Duster.  The Swiffer works
great.  Right now, I don't want anything, not even a wisp of dust, to settle on my stone.

The industry I'm a part of is not my foundation stone.  Yes, I am a Christian novelist who
writes Christian novels that are published by one of the biggest and best Evangelical Christian
Publishing houses in the world.  I'm grateful for that.  You better believe it.  I absolutely adore
writing Christian novels and being a part of this amazing industry.  But this industry is what
has left me done, spent, tired, and just a wee bit . . . sick.

Flick that wisp of dust off.

Please please please, don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying all the blog rings, tours, and touts
are wrong.  All the news, information, and updates are fine.  Absitively.  The reviews, lists,
and awards are great.  Really.  I'm serious.

I love this industry.  And I love every single one of my brothers and sisters who are actively
engaged in it.  Carry on, y'all!  Keep up the awesome work.

Me?  I'm just gonna back away into the folds of the abyss.  I've had my industry moment.  And
enjoyed it.  No matter what lies ahead, I wouldn't change a heartbeat of what has passed.  
But I can only move ahead if my foundation stone is clean.

One can only stand strong if there's a strong stone to stand upon.

That's why I wanna talk about Jesus.

The stronger my stone, the stronger I stand.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Thanks for reading this.  Yeah, it sounds as if I'm in the middle of a crisis or something,
doesn't it.  But really, I'm not.  At the moment, I'm right in the middle of exactly where I'm
supposed to be.  And I love it.

Join me tomorrow?

VcD, with love,
Just His Name . . .

... soothes my soul.

Ever hear that Margaret Becker song "Say the Name"?  Beautiful, huh.  The song ... and that


But ... that really wasn't His name.  When the angel Gabriel said to Mary, "Do not be afraid,
Mary, you have found favor with God.  You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you
are to give Him the name ... ," he didn't actually say, "... Jesus."  He said, "... Yahshua."  The
name Yahshua means "Yahweh saves."  But the Jews didn't pronounce Yah, which stood for
God's name (YHWH or Yahweh).  So they changed Yahshua to Y'shua, or Yeshua.  Basically,
Joshua.  (Their J sounds like a Y.)  Which, in the Greek, becomes ... Jesus.  (Much the same
way the name James, in Spanish, becomes Iago or Jaime.)

Whew, huh.

Ahh, but Yahshua was to be known by two other names as well:  Immanuel, which means
"God with us"; and Christ, or Messiah, which means "This Man who bears this Name is the Son
of God sent into the world to save His people from their sins."

Beautiful names.  Say them all out loud.  It's okay.

Jesus Christ.  Yahshua ha Mashiyach.  Through Yahshua the Son, Yahweh the Father saves.

During that first Palm Sunday, when the people of Jerusalem laid down palm branches and
spread their coats over the road for Yahshua, riding on a donkey, to pass by, they shouted,
"Hosanna!" which is literally interpreted, "YHWH save!"  (YHWH again being the Name of God—
I AM WHO I AM—spoken as closely as we can articulate it: Yahweh.)  So, they shouted,
"Hosanna!" or, "Yahweh save!"  And there was their response.  A humble man, the Son of God,
riding on a donkey.  "Yahweh saves."  Yahshua.

Hosanna!  Our plea.

Yahshua.  God's response.

Pretty amazing stuff.  Amazing, wonderful, and . . . cool.

Vaya-ing con Yahshua,  : )
about Jesus . . .
Mark 7:20-23

And Jesus said,
"What comes
out of a man,
that defiles a
man. For from
within, out of the
heart of men,
proceed evil
an evil eye,
All these evil
things come
from within
and defile a man."
Romans 3:23

For all have
sinned and fall
short of the
glory of God.
Acts 4:12

Nor is there
salvation in any
other, for there is
no other name
under heaven
given among
men by which we
must be saved.
Romans 6:23

For the wages
of sin is death,
but the gift of
God is eternal
life in Christ
Jesus our Lord.
1 Timothy 2:5

For there is one
God and one
between God
and men, the
Man Christ Jesus,
who gave Himself
a ransom for all.
Romans 5:8

But God
His own love
toward us,
in that while
we were still
sinners, Christ
died for us.
Romans 10:9-10

That if you
confess with
your mouth
the Lord Jesus
and believe in
your heart that
God has raised
Him from the
dead, you will
be saved. For
with the heart
one believes
and with the
is made unto
Hebrews 9:12, 15

Not with the
blood of goats
and calves, but
with His own
blood He entered
the Most Holy
Place once for all.
And for this
reason He is the
Mediator of the
new covenant, by
means of death.
God With Us

Jesus hated mosquitoes.  How do I know?  EVERY human being who lives (or have ever lived)
on this planet hates (and hated) mosquitoes.  (Okay, except for those totally weird
scientist-types.)  Jesus was a human being.  So, therefore, He hated mosquitoes.

Hungry human beings love to eat.  Jesus got hungry.  Jesus loved to eat.  He not only loved to
eat, but He encouraged His friends to eat with Him.  Jesus loved food fellowship.

I'm willing to bet there were times when the juice from the freshly roasted piece of fish in His
mouth dripped down His beard.  And you know He didn't reach out and grab a Bounty paper
towel.  I'm willing to bet Jesus used the sleeve of His robe to wipe that fish juice away.  
Laughing, I bet, as He did.

We usually have no difficulty accepting the diety of Jesus.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  
Look at His miracles, His teaching, His conquering of sin and death.  Those of us who believe
the Bible don't have to add anything to what's there.  We simply choose to believe what's
there.  We believe, we trust, and we know.  This life we choose to live is totally worth it for
us because we know what we believe.  The hope we have is real.  And oh, how we long to
share that hope.  But so many times, we fail.  Why?

May I offer this one reason?  We often fail to share the hope we have in Jesus because we
know so much about Him, but we don't know Him.  We are so willing to teach others what we
know about Jesus, but very rarely do we simply stand back and let Him live through us.  Why?  
Because we know, accept, believe, and try to teach things about Him, without fully accepting,
believing and teaching ... Him.  We don't really know who He was when He walked this earth.  
And because of that, we don't know who He is right now.

He's the same man.  He never changes.

So, how fully do we know Him?

As He walked this earth, Jesus Christ was totally irresistible.  He still is.  Most of the time,
however, what we try to teach others about Him is totally ... not.  Irresistible.  In the least.  

Simply?  We don't know Him.

Jesus Christ was a man.  A real man who lived, breathed, ate fish (and anything else He could
find to eat), swatted mosquitoes, rolled His eyes at the ignorance of His disciples, and loved
them.  He knew their thoughts, answered their questions, healed them, enjoyed their
friendships, and truly cared about them.  Did He ever get frustrated at them?  Sure.  Did He
ever get angry at them and call them idiots?  No.  That wasn't in His nature.  Jesus lived
love.  He loved them enough to serve them.  Jesus, the most powerful human being who ever
lived, lived to serve others.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  Mighty, powerful, King of kings, and Lord of lords.  He is
everything the Bible reveals about Him.  But He also has a heartbeat.  Blood courses though
His veins.

Here.  Give me your hand.  Let me press it ... here, against His chest.  Feel that?  Through the
fabric of His robe?  Through the chest hairs?  Feel that warmth?  The thump thump of His
heartbeat?  He's trying not to laugh as you realize He actually has chest hair.  Yep, now He's
laughing.  Feel it rumbling through His chest?

Look up ... into His eyes.  See His laughter playing out as the light dances in them?  Know
that look, that love you see in His eyes ... is for you.

Oops, His stomach just growled.  Hope you like fish.

: )

Was He The One?

Remember when John the Baptist boldly proclaimed, "Behold, the Lamb of God!"  Then, not
even two years later, he sent his disciples to Jesus to ask, "Are You the one who was to
come, or should we expect someone else?"  What happened to John's faith?

Nothing, really.  Deep down, I bet he still believed.  It was just that ... well, Jesus didn't
exactly act like they all thought the Messiah should act.  He didn't do the things they
imagined the Messiah would do.  Rome still severely oppressed them.  John had even been
thrown into prison.  It wouldn't be long until the Roman governor chopped poor John's head
clean off his shoulders.

So why didn't Jesus, if He was the Messiah, save the Jews from Roman rule and establish His
kingdom like they all knew the Messiah would do?


Jesus was who He was.  And He
was the Messiah.

So what was the problem?

It wasn't Jesus.  He came into the world to do the exact things the Messiah was supposed to
do.  All the prophets down through the ages who spoke of the soon-coming King got it right.  
Things went wrong when the people who heard those prophesies started rethinking them,
reworking them, and re-inventing them into more of what they wanted to hear.

All this rethinking, reworking, and re-inventing created something that loomed massive in the
day when Jesus walked the earth.  What was it?  In a word?  Tradition.  Jesus, the Messiah,
wasn't exactly the Messiah that Tradition said He was supposed to be.  Once Jesus started
carrying out His ministry of servanthood, healing, forgiving, touching, and ultimately dying for
sinners, none of His actions lined up with Tradition.

So what needed to go?  The Messiah?  Yes, for most of the Jews, that was what needed to
go.  So they got rid of Him.  (Well, they tried, anyway.)  ; )

But what for those who tossed out their Tradition and dared to believe?  Ahh, yes.  They
discovered that Jesus Christ was, indeed, the long-awaited soon-coming King.  The Messiah.

Yes, He was (and still is) the One.

So, here we are.  It's the 21st century, and we're an intelligent, independent, free-thinking
lot.  We're free to make our own decisions.  So here's the question.  Are we going to allow
ourselves to be held captive by our traditions about Jesus Christ, or are we going to toss them
away and align our thinking and understanding with the Truth?

How sad it must have been for Jesus to stand there and watch John's dejected disciples turn
around and head back to the prison to tell John the answer to his question.  "Jesus told us to
report to you what we have heard and seen: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who
have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is being
preached to the poor."

Jesus stood there, watching them go, then said to those standing near, "Blessed is the man
who does not fall away on account of Me."

So, what'll it be?  Traditions ... or Truth?

God's Choices

When the time came for the Son of God to be born, for Immanuel to begin living His life on
this earth quite literally with us, I'm sure all the angels of Heaven shivered with glorious
anticipation.  I'm pretty sure none of them fully understood the details of the plan the Father
God would use to bring His Son into the world.  If they had, I think the bravest one of them
would have at least tried to talk Him out of it.

Though Joseph and Mary did the best they could under the circumstances, the Son of God was
born in a barn, swaddled and laid in a dirty feeding trough.

Though today we believe and understand the virgin birth, back in that day no one understood
it.  They could only draw one logical conclusion—Joseph's son, Yahshua, say it as Y'shua, was
... oh, the shame of it! ... illegitimate.  The Son of God endured a childhood filled with dirty
looks and snide remarks from those who called him Joseph's Bastard Son.

Though Joseph descended from Abraham through the line of King David, that line, be it ever
so royal, was still tainted by scandal, murder, rape, and impurities.

Though the arrival of the Son of God to earth was the one most important event in the history
of this universe, from infinite time past to infinity yet to arrive, on that glorious night the
angels announced Yahshua's birth to a bunch of shepherds on a hill outside Bethlehem.

Yahshua, or Jesus if you prefer, wasn't exactly handsome.  Isaiah the prophet stated about
Him:  "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we
should desire Him."  (Isaiah 53:2)  Wouldn't you think God would at least want His Son to be
... handsome?

Joseph moved his family to Nazareth to live.  Not exactly on the list of the best places to
raise a family.  Remember what Nathaniel said when he heard where Jesus was from?  "Can
anything good come out of Nazareth?"  (John 1:47)

Jesus was poor.  Didn't even own a house to live in.  Or a donkey to ride around on.  He
owned a pair of sturdy sandals.  And the clothes He wore on His back.

The man called upon to announce and baptize the newly arrived Messiah lived in the
wilderness, wore camel skin, and ate locusts.  What was up with that?

And the disciples.  I mean ... I'm sure Jesus prayed for the men that would soon surround Him
and learn from Him—men that would take the Good News to the farthest reaches of the
world.  So, did He mess up the prayer?  Or did He get exactly whom He prayed for?

Oh.  And the way He died.  Did the Son of God, the Messiah, deserve to die so cruelly, so
shamefully ... in such agony?

Why did God the Father choose all these ugly details?  Why did He lay out this plan for His
Beloved Son, the One in whom He was well pleased?

There is a wonderful answer to these questions.  Join me tomorrow?

Our Choices

So, why?  Why this ugly, drawn-out, shameful course for the Son of God to follow?

Jesus was born in a barn.  Not exactly a birth that would impress anyone, and certainly no
one would be threatened by it.  Most could even say their birth was better.

No one could be intimidated by the place where He was born.  Bethlehem.  I mean, come on.  
And those who also bore the taunts of "Bastard, look at you," would find in Jesus a sort of
kindred spirit.  He knows, cuz He was there.

And no one can say Jesus was the final decendent in a line of a superior race.  ; )

So why wasn't He handsome?  Well, if He had been handsome, wouldn't that have caused
some to feel intimidated by Him?  I mean, how do we feel by all the "Don't hate me cuz I'm
beautiful" people?  Don't we ... hate 'em?  ; )

Jesus never owned more than what He could carry on His back.  No one could possibly feel
intimidated or impressed by that.  Everything He did, the way He looked, acted, and spoke;
everyone could feel at ease in His presence.  No one was threatened or intimidated.  If they
were, well, they were ... easily intimidated.  And one look into His eyes quickly cured that.

With apologies to copyright laws, I'd love for Gayle Erwin to weigh in on this.  He does it so
well, so much better than I could.  And you can trust him.  I do.

From page 28 of his book,
The Jesus Style:

When I look at the clues we have discussed that indicate the nature of Jesus—born in a barn,
questionable parents, spotty ancestry, common name, misdirected announcement,
unattractive looks, reared in a bad neighborhood, owning nothing, surrounding Himself with
unattractive coworkers, and dying a shameful death—I find His whole approach unable to fit
into the methods that automatically come to mind when I think about "winning the world."

His whole approach could easily be described as nonthreatening or non-manipulative.  He
seemed to lead with weakness in each step of life.  He had nothing in the world and
everything in God and the Spirit.

With this kind of approach to us, He could be sure that our response would be an honest
one.  None of the methods that would coerce us and get something less than genuine belief
were used.  This is indicative of true love.  Being an others-oriented person, a servant to
others, made Him want to free them to be as real and honest as possible.  He wanted them
to be able to make genuine decisions.

Love only wants a genuine response.

We make so few genuine decisions in life.  Most of the choices we make are affected by
outside forces and demands.  But when it comes to the most important decision in life—our
decision about God—Jesus seeks only a genuine one.  So, we are approached in a way that
lovingly frees us to make that decision genuinely.  We can accept or reject.  God refuses to
violate our personhood and our power to choose.  That is love.

What Is Love?

Do we even know what love is these days?

Oh, sure we do.  We say it all the time.  "I love you."

Do you think Jesus ever went around saying to his family and friends, "I love you, Peter.  I
love you, Mom.  I love you, John.  I love you, too, Judas."  Funny, but if He did, the Bible
never recorded it.

But yet He said, "Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  All
men will know that you are My disciples if you love one another."  (John 13:34, 35)

When He says, "As I have loved you, so you must love one another," does that mean we
must all lay down our lives and die for one another as He died for us?  Well, yes, and no.  
When Jesus said these words He was obviously still alive.  He said these words before He
was crucified.  So was He speaking of dying for others?  No.  And yes.

When Jesus said this to His disciples, none of them said to Him, "What exactly do You mean
by love?"  They knew.  And they had no clue Jesus was about to be killed.

Something in the way Jesus acted around them day by day by day not only clearly showed
them what real love was, but it gave them a perfect example to follow.  Jesus led by
example.  When He says to us, "Love others as I have loved you," He's simply saying, "Do
unto others as I have done to you.  Do as I do.  Be like Me.  Cuz I am like My Father.  Well,
not just like My Father, I am one with My Father.  Go and be like Us.  That way We'll be in
you, and you will be in Us.  Just the way We want it.  We wouldn't want it any other way."

But loving as Jesus loved requires us to do one thing—it requires us to die.  No, not
physically and literally.  But we must die to our own wants, needs, and desires.  We must die
to our selves.  We must give up being self-centered and become more and more others-

Jesus Christ was (and still is) the only human being who ever lived who was totally 100%
completely and utterly others-centered.  Totally servant-hearted.

That's love as Jesus loved.  That's love as it's supposed to be.

Anything else is something else.

And did you notice?  It's not something we say.

So, how exactly did Jesus love?  Well, He was patient and kind.  He didn't envy others, and
He didn't boast.  He was not proud, or rude, or self-seeking, or easily angered.  He kept no
record of the wrongs done to Him, and He did not delight in evil.  He rejoiced in the Truth,
and always protected, trusted, and hoped for those He loved.  He always persevered.  And
He never, ever failed.

And now these three remain:  faith, hope, and love.  But the greatest of these is love.  (1
Corinthians 13: 8-13)

Vaya con Yahshua,
Why Jesus?

So what's the big deal about Jesus?  If a person really wants to know the One True and
Living God, can't that person know Him without having to believe all the stuff about Jesus?

Well, I guess it all depends on what that person wants to believe about the Bible.  If she
believes the Bible is a fraud, made up of insane fabrications, then she won't believe what it
has to say about the Messiah, Jesus.  And she won't care.  Until that day when she stands
face to face with Jesus.  Then ... she'll care.

But this is what the Bible has to say about Jesus.  Believe it (and the Bible) only if you
dare.  ; )

"He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  For by Him all things
were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers
or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him.  He is before all things,
and in Him all things hold together.  And He is the head of the body, the church; He is the
beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the
supremacy.  For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him and through Him to
reconcile to Himself all things."  (Colossians 1:15-20)

I'll let Gayle Erwin say the rest (from his book,
The Jesus Style).

Since Jesus is everything that God is but expressed in bodily form, and since all the
treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Him, we can each say:

**  If I am to know God, I will know Him through Jesus.

**  If I am to gain knowledge, it is deposited in Jesus.

**  If I am to have wisdom, I will find it in Jesus.

**  If God dwells in me, it is because Jesus dwells in me.

**  If I wish to study God, I must study Jesus.

**  If the Holy Spirit is active in my life, I will hear Him speak of Jesus.

donna here again, and all I have to say to that is, "Reason enough for me."

Hope it's reason enough for you too.  See you tomorrow.  : )
A Funny Thing To Share

I just think it's funny that, ever since we started talking about Jesus here at my blog, first,
Typepad went down for a day, then my wireless card in my brand-new laptop went on the
fritz, and now
Yahoo! is down.  Has been all day.  I have no way of checking my e-mail and,
as lodging coordinator for the upcoming Oregon Christian Writers conference, I need to be
checking my e-mail!  I mean, this is
Yahoo!!  Millions upon millions of disgruntled users
worldwide are slightly ticked at the moment.

Me?  I'm like, oh well.  I've got work to do anyway.

All of this has been totally coincidental, I know.  But isn't it just a wee bit ... wild?

Hah.  Bring it on.  We're not gonna stop.

And, just for fun, here's another post.  About Jesus.  Take that, you nasty gremlins wreaking
havoc on my cyberspace adventures.

: )
How Do We Know Jesus?

First step?  We have to want to.

Second step?  We have to ask Him to help us.  It's only by His help (and through the guiding
of the Holy Spirit) that we can fully grasp the Truth.  It's a life-long learning, growing
journey.  It all starts with that first step, and continues with every heartbeat and breath
until the day He calls us home.

Here are a few things I would like for you to consider as you continue to learn all about who
Jesus was (and still is).  Sometimes, just reading the Bible and trying to decipher it on our
own is hard.  We need the Holy Spirit (who moves into our hearts the moment we open them
to Him) to help us decipher it.  That's His job, and He loves His job.  We must ask Him to
help us as we read.  We must ponder certain things, and allow Him to guide our thinking
toward the Truth.  We'll know the Truth when we hear it.  It'll simmer sweetly in our souls.

Two more things for you to consider, things that have really helped me on this journey.

You already know I love the teachings and ministry of Gayle Erwin.  I would really
recommend for you to check out his books and teachings.  You can access and download
everything at his web site
www.servant.org at no charge.  He focuses all his teachings on
the Nature of Jesus—who Jesus really was when He walked the dusty byroads of Judea.  The
entire Bible should be seen through this lens.  It affects the Nature of the Father and of the
Holy Spirit as well.  It digs deep at the false traditions we've built over the centuries and
roots them up so they can be discarded and replaced with Truth.  Finally.

I would also highly recommend taking a look at the movie called
Matthew, put out by the
Visual Bible folks.  This movie, in my opinion, shows Jesus's nature as about as accurately
as it can be shown—the "Joyful Jesus."  The more I learn about who He was when He walked
this earth, the more I see Him in this reenactment.  It's stunning, the music is awesome,
and I cried like a baby through most of it.  I totally believe it helps for us to have some sort
of physical image to keep in our mind's eye when we try to imagine Jesus as a human
being.  Though, yes, this is just a movie, this is, at least for me, Jesus as He walked and
talked and dealt with the people He faced every day He lived.  His true nature radiates
through.  And I'll stop gushing about it now.  : )

And, of course, I have to very very very highly recommend the music of Margaret Becker.  
From day one, this lady's heart has been in her work, and her work has been totally to reveal
the heart of God.

I used to listen to all kinds of Christian music.  I even subscribed to
CCM magazine.  But it's
all gone by the wayside.  Margaret's music, two decades of it, is, quite honestly, all I need.  
She writes prayers, then turns them into poetry, then into lyrics, and then matches them
with sweet melody.  Simply put, it's music for my soul.  And I love it.

And yeah, I'll quit gushing again.  ; )

So, onward and upward.  No matter what happens, let's keep on talking about Jesus, 'kay?  I
don't know about you, but this definitely works for me.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you
leave feeling

Vaya-ing con Jesus, always, even with
Yahoo! down and wireless card on the fritz,
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